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2E Satellite Tests End Soon   Leave a comment

Astra 2E is still sitting in its testing position at longitude 43.5° East above the Horn of  Africa (below left).

Image          Image

Once the tests are complete it will soon be moving 15° to the west to join the other Astra satellites at longitude 28.2° East above the Congo (above right). Once there, the UK Freesat TV transmissions from the 1N satellite will transfer to the 2E and the 1N will be silent.

Pictures courtesy of the tracking software:

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The Switch to Astra 2E   Leave a comment


Within the next week the 2E satellite should begin its journey to its final orbital position. Then we’ll know can we still watch our favourite UK TV. In the UK, satellite TV reception is not affected but, in the south and east of Europe, the days of free access to UK FTA TV may be limited.

Viewers from the South of Spain, Southern Italy, Eastern Germany and beyond will almost certainly lose FTA channels. A giant satellite dish will be needed and even that may not work. This could happen as early as mid-November.

For most, the only alternative is internet TV.

This blog is not about the rights and wrongs. Whatever your views, the impact of the move to a narrower footprint will impact many, many Europeans who will lose that cultural link with the UK.