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How to Install XBMC UK TV Add-ons including FilmOn – Part 3   10 comments

This post will be updated as soon as possible. In particular the links for the Filmon add-on no longer work.

Note that XBMC is now called Kodi.

This is Part 3 of a series of posts on installing UK TV add-ons. If you are new to XBMC add-ons you are advised to practise:

Part 1 – installation from a repository (31 January post)
Part 2 – installation of iPlayer from a zip file (11 February post)

This post explains how to install the Filmon add-on which, like the iPlayer add-on, is a third party add-on. However, it is installed using a repository and so you first have to install the repository with a zip file.

We’ll use Kinkin’s repository. Once that ‘repo’ is installed, you use it to install Filmon.

Download the Repository Add-on

If you are running XBMC on a desktop or laptop then download the repository add-on to the hard drive, such as drive C in Windows. If XBMC is on a set-top box, download to your PC and copy the add-on file from your PC onto a USB pen drive. Some set-top boxes use a SD card for storage and so you may have to download or copy the file to an SD card. Note that if you run XBMC on a Raspberry Pi, do not attempt to copy the zip file to the Pi’s SD card. Use a USB drive for the Pi.

Click the link below to download the zip file for the repository add-on.

Alternatively, you may prefer first to visit the XBMChub web page and download from there, by clicking the Direct Download green circular button with a white triangular arrow.

Do not open the zip file.

Install the Repository Zip

The process is identical to the installation of the iPlayer zip in the previous post.

Insert the USB pen drive or SD card into the XBMC device if you are installing the repository add-on on another PC or a set-top box.

Start from the XBMC System menu. The click sequence is:

System → 1. Settings→ 2. Add-ons→ 3. Install from zip file→ 4. the drive→ 5. the repository zip file

If using a mouse, point the mouse at the System menu on the XBMC main menu. Then carefully move the mouse down and to the left to point at the Settings menu.

1. click Settings.

The Change Your Settings box opens.

2. click Add-ons.

When you click Add-ons, the Add-ons menu should open.

3. click Install from zip file.

The Install from zip file box opens, showing the drives. The screen shot below shows the file box for OpenElec on a Raspberry Pi. There is just one drive, the USB pen drive, called USB_DISK in the list shown.

In this Example there's just One Drive - Called USB_DISK

In this Example there’s just One Drive – Called USB_DISK


Locate the correct drive from the list in the ‘Install from zip file’ box on the right of the Add-ons menu.

It may not be obvious which of the drives holds the zip file. If your XBMC is installed on a Windows PC then you probably saved the zip file on drive C.

In this example there is only one drive, the USB drive. It is labelled USB_DISK. In your case the USB drive could be labelled with the drive capacity in GB, followed by ‘USB Drive’. Example:  ‘3.8 GB USB Drive’ for a 4GB drive.

4. click the correct drive.

The contents of that drive is displayed.

The iPlayer Zip File is Selected – the Only File on this Drive

The repository.Kinkin Zip File is Highlighted


If the Kinkin zip is not visible, check that you selected the correct drive. If you did then presumably the zip is in a folder on that drive. Select from the list the folder in which you saved the zip. If you need to go up a level in the list, click the up arrow at the top of the list.

5. click the zip file – in this example

A message should appear at the bottom-right of the screen, saying ‘Kinkins REPO enabled’. You have installed the Kinkin’s repository.

Enable the F.T.V Add-on

Kinkin calls the Filmon add-on F.T.V

The click sequence for enabling F.T.V is similar to the sequence use to enable the South Park add-on in Part 1.

Videos → 1. Add-ons→ 2. Get More→ 3. F.T.V→ 4. Install

Point at Videos and move the mouse down to point at Add-ons.

1. click Add-ons.

The Video – Add-ons menu opens.

2.  click Get More.

The Add-ons – Video Add-ons menu  should open.

The Add-ons – Video Add-ons List with F.T.V. Highlighted

The Add-ons – Video Add-ons List with F.T.V Highlighted


Scroll down to the  F.T.V add-on.

3.  click the F.T.V add-on.

An Add-on Information box is shown with Install highlighted.

4.  click Install to enable the F.T.V add-on.

When you click Install the add-on is downloaded and enabled.

Wait for the enabled message to appear alongside F.T.V in the list.

Filmon is now enabled.

Check that F.T.V is now listed under your enabled add-ons.

From the Videos main menu, click Add-ons. F.T.V should now be listed.

You can now try Filmon.

Click  F.T.V and, if you get an error about script failed then click F.T.V again.

From the Videos – F.T.V menu, click UK Live TV and then click the channel to play.

The next post will explain the main features of Filmon.